Brain Scans

The AIVO database is a retrospective “pseudo-biobank” type collection of brain scans acquired at the Turku University Hospital and Turku PET Centre. This project is conducted in the context of register study, and the image data are linked with a variety of medical and socioeconomic registers.

Because the image data have to be identified and processed retrospectively, the database is constantly updated. Below is a summary of the images we have in the database so far, grouped by higher-order systems under scrutiny. The Available scans column indicates the total number of scans theoretically available for each ligand. The Processed scans column indicates the number of scans that have been evaluated as adequate for inclusion in the database, and that has subsequently been processed with the MAGIA pipeline.

Database completion

Systems-level group
System-level scan count Targets Scan type Available scans Processed scans
Brain structure 89,284 Atrophy T1 MRI 89,284 3,837
Tau pathology  1,855 Beta-amyloid [11C]-PIB 1,699 590
Beta-amyloid [18F]-flutemetamol 156 0
Neuronal activity 8,751 Glucose uptake [18F]-FDG 3,789 1034
Perfusion [15O]-H2O 4,962 1
Dopamine system 3,269 D2R [11C]-raclopride 1,451 1042
Dopamine system [18f]-DOPA 992 574
D2D3R [11C]-FLB 386 1
Dopamine reuptake [18F]-CFT 324 0
DR [11C]-NNC 116 0
Opioid system 614 MOR [11C]-Carfentanil 614 530
Inflammation 529 Inflammation [11C]-PBR28 206 137
Inflammation [11C]-PK11195 323 118
Serotonin system 271 5HT1A [11C]-WAY 141 0
SERT [11C]-MADAM 130 72

updated: 27.4.2021