The AIVO database project is a joint effort of multiple research groups at the Turku PET Cenrte, with tight collaboration with neuroimaging groups at Aalto University:

Lauri Nummenmaa from the Turku PET Centre coordinates the project’s computational and statistical aspects.

Juha Rinne from the Turku PET Centre is coordinating the PET neuroimaging aspects of the projcet.

Tomi Karjalainen from the Turku PET Centre is responsible for the MAGIA pipeline development and validation for PET neuroinformatics.

Janne Isojärvi from the Turku PET Centre is the AIVO mastermind, curating the database and being responsible for data storage and management.

Marco Bucci and Jouni Tuisku from the Turku PET Centre support computational aspects of the project.

Jani Erola from the Department of Sociology, University of Turku is responsible for the socioeconomic data acquisition and socioeconomic risk factor modelling.

Mikko Sams and Riitta Hari from Aalto University collaborate with us on the analysis of brain-behaviour relationships in the database.